Rules of conduct

1) Rules of good conduct

The provisions of this Article together constitute the "Rules of good conduct of shared car". This Regulation is the very spirit of the car sharing service offered by HappyWays, each user must be responsible and respectful. It is applied to all of the Site Members and users of HappyWays service.

2) Rides Offers

The Driver must publish on the site only ride offers corresponding to actually expected movements. The information on the costs contribution, trip’s legs (including the points of departure and arrival), the presence of animals, smoking policy, or music in the car and more generally all the logistical details, comfort or preferences of their ' route or the author of the ad are provided directly by it and do not commit HappyWays in any way. The driver commits to performing the published itinerary and travel with the passengers with whom he is engaged.

3) Security

Each driver agrees to avoid risks while driving and not to take any dangerous product that may alter its ability to drive carefully and safely. The Passenger agrees not to disturb the driver.

4) Transparency

During a journey, a user must be able to immediately present his documents to another Member, if requested. As for the driver, it’s the registration certificate, the insurance certificate and a driving license. For a Passenger it’s the identity document. The identity of the passenger and the driver must match those reported to HappyWays. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to use the intermediation of the site for business purposes.

5) Expenses

Passengers contribute to the costs according to the amount indicated in the announcement of Driver. In order to facilitate the operations it is suggested to show up to the appointment in possession of the exact amount of cash agreed during crew composition.

6) Punctuality

Each User is obliged to respect established departure times. The driver and the passenger must show up at the place and time fixed for the meeting. It’s allowed a tolerance of 20 minutes after the agreed time, after that the user who is not present is responsible for the cancellation of the transportation proposal.

7) Legislation

The driver and vehicle must comply with traffic rules and regulations in force. Therefore, Driver and Passengers undertake not to carry during the shared journey illegal substances or dangerous items.

8) Cleaning

Each User is obliged to take care of their personal hygiene prior to departure in order not to disturb other traveling companions.

9) Comfort & Conditions

Each of the following conditions must be the subject of an agreement between the driver and or its passengers, prior to the beginning of the journey: costs contribution, schedules, storage, number of people, smoking, animals, music in the car, meeting place and unloading of passengers.

10) Published on the site

No user of the Site may publish defamatory, outrageous or harmful information in it. After becoming aware of it, HappyWays remove any information contrary to His ethics. The Drivers and Passengers agree in advance That the feedback that affect them may be published on the Site. They accept, Therefore, That Their level of experience is Calculated and published according to Functional the criteria established by HappyWays.

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