• Giugno 2018
  • 29
  • 20:00/22:00

Terraforma 2018

  • Via Fametta, 1 - 20021 Castellazzo (MI) Italy
  • Presso Villa Arconati
  • da Venerdì 29 Giugno 2018 a Domenica 1 Luglio 2018
  • dalle 20:00 alle 22:00

Experimental and Sustainable Music Festival

Donato Dozzy
Imaginary Softwoods
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Plaid & Felix's Machines

Terraforming is the theoretical process in which life on a planet becomes possible through the creation of an atmosphere. Terraforma is the manifest of our belief that new dimensions can now be terraformed. A three days experience in the woods of Villa Arconati, where music is the catalyst: a timeless centre of gravity for energies, with a breaking point from which sounds and images create a sense of suspension capable of pointing us towards new perceptions. The festival innovates the concept of musical experience by emphasizing the relationship between event and impact, incubating moods and forms of sensibility durable in time. We want to breed a new concept of listening, to encompass everything that music expresses and reveals; let it be inside, around or outside us, our society and the world. 

Terraforma takes place in the woods of Villa Arconati just outside Milan and involves artists who experiment new ways to reduce the distance between art and life. Music and its listening take man back to his natural frequencies where sense of rhythm is once again bound with the environment. Terraforma is organized according to sustainable practices, integrating aspects from production to consumption of resources. An organic structure where the musical aspect is integrated with installations crafted by artists and artisans, and where gatherings and workshops will provide opportunities for meditation, actively involving the public. The interlace of musical, artistic and environmental dimensions will form an atmosphere capable of stimulating the listener’s sensibility to think about the present and the future in a new way, a cultural innovation sprouting from respect of the other and of the environment.


Artwork by Emanuele Marcuccio and 2015.vision

Emanuele Marcuccio is the artist behind the propulsive artwork of the new Terraforma 2018 identity designed by 2015.vision. Taking inspiration from slags of modern industrial production, repetition and Terraforma itself, his work was commissioned to enlighten the festival's interstellar perspective.

Following the collaboration with Ignazio Mortellaro, Luca Trevisani and Francesco Cavaliere for Terraforma’s past editions, this year's choice is an Italian artist graduated in Visual Arts at the Ecole Cantonal D'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) and the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited, amongst others, at the Instituto Svizzero in Milan and Rome, the Fondation d’Enterprise Ricard in Paris, Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City, the Musee des Beaux Arts in Losanna, the galleries Boatos Fine Arts in São Paulo, Lodos in Mexico City, Karma International in Zurich and Ellis King in Dublin. He is one the members of the supergroup of enduring music CB21 and since 2016 Emanuele manages the art space No Conformism in Switzerland.


Produced and conceived by Threes, www.threesproductions.com

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